Collection: Libyan Desert Glass 利比亞黃金隕石

Libyan Desert Glass is a tektite comes from Greek, resulted of asteroid impacts slamming into and melting the Earth’s surface occurred approximately 28.5 million years ago in Libyan border.It has 98% silica and has lighter color than other tektites like Moldavite (green), it’s has translucent golden sheen color and used as a gemstone in ancient Egypt and was discovered in King Tut’s tomb.Libyan Desert Glass is powerful but gentle, great for cleansing and balancing all Chakras, the sun energy from desert make it a great protection stone to wear or carry in your pocket.

於二千八百萬年前有一顆隕石撞擊地球表面,將地面所有一切以高溫燃燒並溶化,此隕石落於利比亞沙漠,亦因此而被名為利比亞隕石/利比亞黃金隕石(Libyan Desert Glass/Libyan Gold Tektite),及後於希臘皇King Tut的墓穴中首次被後人發現。於衆多隕石中,利比亞黃金隕石含有較高二氧化矽,所以色調較淺。利比亞隕石有著強大而溫暖的能量,柔和地䆁放並平衡各個脈輪間的能量流轉。黃金般的色澤也被喻為像徵財富的寶石,為生命帶來蛻變與豐盛!